Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nanomites Launch Trailer !!!

So this is the iOS app I did the music & sound design for "3D Avenue", its now available on your local apple iTunes store its called NANOMITES, I will be breaking up details of the sounds later on...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sound Design & Game Audio Part 1

This is my first official sound design / game audio adventure, a really exiting step forward in my musical career. The video above features a short animated clip of an opening and closing"mechanical metal gates" movement, this happens each time you move forward a level in the game. I can't say much about the game itself on this blog entry as the game is not out yet but hopefully before the end of 2012. The sound consists of a few different layers of audio recordings. For the opening and closing movement of the gates I used an electric drill, a photocopy machine, metal tubes that were later mangled and pitch down. For the steam I used Ableton Live's analog plug in oscillator set on noise then filtered off and cleaned with the 8 band EQ but also played with side chaining and the attack of the wave. To get that warehouse room ambience got out one of Reaktor's delay and reverb ensembles and boom!!! more post about this game coming soon.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Corporate Music Writing & Production

I got given the opportunity to write & produce the music for this company's catalog presentation. The company is called "Lobelia" and they sell and distribute hotel & restaurant products (cutlery, bed sheets, plates, glasses, hair dryers, you name it...all of it!!!) So I had do it all in a day, last minute job!... I had to put myself in a holiday mind set... chill beach music, not many changes and busy enough orchestration not to be annoying to the average ears... based on my master and guru Brian Eno's ambient 1 music for airports concept (look it up on youtube!)
As far as the production I used Ableton Live + samples...did all there...on headphones and no interface! hardwork!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Andrew Balkwill - "Bad Bad Luck"

This track was recorded and self produced at Half Ton Studios in Cambridge, England with Mr Bugs behind the mixing desk. ( Bass went straight thru a D.I box doing live take with the drums...

Andrew Balkwill on vocals & piano, Reuben Humphries on drums and backing vocals (+ some arrangement), Anoushka Lucas on more backing vocal action, and myself on the bass side of things @davedelgadobass :-)

Bad Bad Luck by andrewbalkwill

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tv Ad Music.

I recorded the bass and also did some of the arrangement on this track for a "nice n' easy" TV campaign in the UK (Agency: McCann Erickson)

Bass Equipment Used: Fender P-Bass (USA), Aguilar DB751 + DB4x10, Radial Bassbone, T-Rex Bass Juice, Boss Stage Tuner :-)

Studio: State Of The Ark (Richmond, London)

Recorded & Produced by: Mark "DUCK" Blackwell.


Tiffany Page - Vocals/Guitar.

Reuben Humphries - Drums/Backing Vocals.

Dave Delgado - Bass.

Dan Grace - Guitar/Backing Vocals.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by davenomore